carol fazio DESIGN

minted is a curated, retail marketplace for original stationery, art, decor, fabric and gifts, designed by an independent community of international artists.

Dream Job

I started competing with minted because their design challenges encourage designers to reach for their best work, and coaxes them right out of their comfort zone through crowd-sourced competitions. I also thought it would be fun to answer these challenges any way I liked – a real dream job! It has been challenging, soul-searching, frustrating and liberating, to compete with the best artists on the planet. They're fiercely talented!

By far, though, the community is the very best thing about being part of minted. Extremely giving – I have supportive friends all over the world that I've learned so much from! I'm proud to be a part of this thriving creative community.

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Art, holiday, baby, wedding. You'll find designs featured above and more in my minted store.